CSS, is unlike other security companies in that we custom design your security system to meet your needs.  No short cuts are taken in the design and installation of your system.  We pride ourselves in a system that will be effective in detecting an intruder in your home.  Our systems will give you the "peace of mind" that you are looking for, at an affordable price.

Creative Security Systems recommends, in addition to your security system, smoke and heat detectors.  Most homes are equipped with smoke detectors installed by the electricians when the home was built.  This meets the minimum building code, but with system type smoke and heat detectors you can be sure of reliable operation if it is ever needed.  Your family's life may depend on it.  Unlike the electrician's installed detectors, the system type smoke detectors are superior detectors and are connected to the security control panel which will give you reliable battery backup in case of power failure in the home.  NFPA 72 governs fire alarm devices installed in the home and Creative Security, unlike many companies, installs strictly by the code.  This includes making sure there are sufficient number of sounding devices to awaken normal hearing people (this is one of the major code violation that we have seen in other installations along with improper battery backup and failure to wire sensors with Fire Rated Wire).  We stand by our installation of fire alarm equipment.  We must, it could be the difference between life and death.


Uplink, is a leader in "Telemetry technology".  The Uplink system works on the secure data frequencies of the cellular network, providing a reliable means to transmit signals to the Central Station when your telephone line is compromised.

CSS, LLC highly recommends a backup unit to secure the monitoring of your security system, and the Uplink provides this means.  Please call us if you have questions or would like us to install your added peace of mind today.


Some of our competitors would like to sell you a security system at the lowest possible cost to them because their plan is to approach you with a "Free Security System". What's the catch?  How can a company afford to give you a free system?  They can't.  You're paying for the system through the exorbitant monitoring fees charged to you over the term of your contract with them, which is usually 36 months. For an example, this company gives you a system free.  In exchange you sign a contract with them for three years at a cost of $30.95 per month.  The retail cost of monitoring a system is approximately $17.50 a month.  They are overcharging you $13.45 a month.  With a three year contract, that comes to $484.20 that they'll overcharged you.  Sound fair?  It would be if they would re-negotiate your contract after the initial 36 months and lower your monitoring rate, but they don't.  Let's take our example a step further.  If you stayed with that company  for 10 years, you would have now paid $1614.00 for your "Free Security System."  Nothing about that sounds fair, does it?.

What can you do?  Ask questions.  Will my monitoring rate decrease after the initial contract has matured?  If not, will I be able to change monitoring companies and use my existing equipment?  If not, this may not be way you want to go.

The solution is to let CSS, install your security system for you.  If you can't afford to pay for the equipment up front, then we will give you the same deal as our competitors with one exception,   at the end of the initial agreement we will re-negotiate your contract and lower your monitoring rate to the current rate charged to our other customers.  That is a guarantee we give you in writing.