If you are NICET certified and in the process of upgrading to a higher level, beware. January 1, 2011 is the deadline for element testing. After this date if you are in the process of testing for a higher level you lose all of the elements for that level. Testing format will change to a pass/fail test starting January 1, 2011. Example, I am two (2) elements from NICET III and and nine (9) from level IV. I will be testing in July. If I do not pass my NICET IV I will have one more change before January 1, 2011. If I pass Level III but not level IV before the deadline I will lose all of the elements for level IV that I have passed and will have to take the pass/fail test next time I test. beware

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Fire Alarm, Access Control, and Building Control Questions and Answers 
This blog is dedicated to the engineers,designers,technicians and end users of fire alarm systems and building controls . Our goal is to answer all questions pertaining to life safety systems and to solicite additional feedback from experts in the field. We monitor this blog daily and will respond to questions within 24 hours.

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